Hello! I'm Jenny Persing. A lifelong animal lover, I'm the one at parties and family functions rolling around on the floor with the dog. I've had a camera in my hand since before I could drive, and find photography to be the best way for me to connect and communicate with the world. In 2006, these two passions of mine merged and Raindog was born. In addition to photographing Seattle's beloved pets, I also am a co-owner of local pet care company Wild Pet Care, an organizer for social dog walking group Seattle WalkABulls, an advocate for pit bulls and other misunderstood and misrepresented dog breeds, and I regularly donate photographic services to the Seattle Animal Shelter and various other pet rescues. I use my many years of experience with all types of animals to capture images of your pets that ring true to your experience of them, while also making sure everyone has a good time and feels relaxed and comfortable.

When I'm not working, I can be found rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, reading, hanging out with friends or my husband Scott and best canine friend Rain.