How do sessions work?

I try to keep sessions as simple as and as fun as possible so you get great images and everyone has a good time! When you get in touch to book your session, I usually suggest that we have a quick phone conversation to go over the details and settle on a time and place to meet. Then I’ll email you an invoice - payment confirms our session and secures your preferred date. A few days before we meet, I’ll drop you a line to confirm our date, time and location and we can address any questions or concerns you might have. Also we’ll take a quick look at the forecast to make sure your day looks good.

After our session, I’ll take up to two weeks to edit your images and compile them into a web gallery for you and send you a link to it. From your gallery, you can make favorites lists, share images with friends and family, download web-ready shareable files, and order prints and other photo display products. Don’t forget about your print allowance! You will receive a custom coupon code to use when ordering your prints. Anytime during the process you’re more than welcome to contact me with questions or requests. Your gallery will remain online for 90 days after it’s first published.

How do I pay for my session?

I do all of my billing via email. Online credit card payment is due upon booking. If you’d prefer to pay with a check, I’ll give you an address to mail it to, however your session will not be confirmed until the check has cleared. No session will be scheduled without payment in full.

How do I pick a location?

We want your pet (and yourself) to be happy and comfortable during your session, so our first priority is to choose a safe and enjoyable environment. This can be in a bright spot at home, a park that you enjoy or out on the town. I’m always open to new and creative location suggestions! It is perfectly okay if your dog needs to remain on leash. There are very few places that aren't appropriate for a photo shoot, but the off-leash dog park is one of them. Too many distractions, mud and other dogs in your photos! Keep in mind that we need plenty of natural light to get good shots. For any sessions outside of Seattle city limits, there may be a travel fee.

Do you have a studio?

I do not. I prefer the spontaneity and variability of location shooting and I find that I move faster and capture more of the action if I'm not fiddling around with lights and flashes (also, flashes and reflectors can be a source of stress for sensitive or nervous animals). Seattle’s natural surroundings are part of what makes it so special to live here and I love to capture that in my sessions if possible.

Can I be in some of the pictures with my pet?

ABSOLUTELY! I love capturing the love between people and their pets! With signed model releases, family and friends are always welcome.

However, I would like to stress that I mostly focus on the animals, as that’s where my experience and expertise lie, so if you’re really looking for family shots that happen to include the dog, then you’ll be better served by a people portrait photographer.

What if it's raining on the day of our session?

I want you to get the very best images we can manage, so while I’m not opposed to shooting in cloudy or “atmospheric” conditions, trying to get quality images in the rain is very difficult. If the weather is looking bad the morning of our session, I’ll get in touch to see what our options are.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule our session?

I would LOVE at least 24-48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your photo session. However, I understand that things happen and I try to be as flexible as possible. Please be aware that I'm often booked several weeks in advance, however, so it may not be possible to schedule a new session immediately. But sometimes it is! If you need to cancel and give me notice (as opposed to not showing up for the session), your session fee will be refunded in it’s entirety. No-shows without a call, text or email will not be rescheduled, nor refunded.

Are the image files from my session available for download?

Your web gallery will include complimentary downloadable web-ready watermarked images. If you would like high resolution, non-watermarked image files, they are available for purchase from your gallery - just hit the “Buy Photo” button over your image and scroll through your options!

What is your refund policy?

I want this to be an enjoyable experience for you and your pet and I want you to be 100% satisfied with the results. If you are not satisfied with your photos I will gladly either schedule a re-shoot or refund to you the entire amount of the session, depending on the situation. Please keep in mind that once you’ve downloaded any image from your web gallery, this offer to refund or re-shoot becomes void.

What about releases?

At the start of our session, I will have you sign a digital property and/or model release. This is a standard practice amongst photographers which allows us to use the images we capture in our businesses. A property release applies if we are shooting at your home where your property will be captured in the images, and a model release must be signed if you or any other person wants to be included in the photos with your pets. I won’t need special permission to photograph just your pets, unless they are used somehow for profit. If your dog is famous, then we’ll need a property release!