I have a special soft spot in my heart for Border Collies. I grew up with a Border Collie mix who looked very much like this guy just above. His name was Joshua and my dad brought him home from the shelter when he was just a wee little guy ... a gray puffball. My parents had little practical knowledge of this extremely high-energy and extraordinarily intelligent breed. Joshua proceeded to teach us many, many lessons about dogs and loyalty and frustration and love, and no other dog in my world has ever quite measured up against his larger than life personality.

My shoot with Skye and Casey on Monday was wonderful and sort of like stepping back in time. They are, especially Skye, true working dogs and seeing them work together (albeit for a Frisbee instead of sheep) was like watching a dance. Skye always takes the outer border while Casey works the inside. When Skye catches the Frisbee he comes in only so far and then hands it off to Casey to bring home. They watch their owner for the tiniest signal of her intent. It was awesome to watch. They are seriously cool dogs.