It's very hard for me to believe it's August already! This has been a great and busy summer and I hate to see it start to draw to a close. One of the best things about my summer is that I have become fully self-employed at last! I'm pleased to announce that I have started my very own pet sitting business, Raindog Pet Services, in addition to continuing to grow my pet photography business. Some of you may know that I worked for a local pet sitting company for years and years. It was a great job that got me outside, kept me fit and sustained me during slow photography months. When it closed it's doors I was able to take over my client base and keep on walking! I've struck a wonderful balance between mornings with my longtime canine friends and afternoons and weekends photographing NEW canine and feline friends! I'm taking on a few new clients at the moment with limited weekday spots available - so if you're in need of a few dog walks, let me know!