BUNNIES!  BUNNIES!  BUNNIES!  Now these two are a pretty dignified pair, so they'd probably prefer to be called Rabbits, but they're so darned cute it's hard not to yell "BUNNIES"!  The black and white one is Felix and the black one is Colbie (1 male, 1 female) and they are a bonded pair, meaning they would be really sad to be separated, so it would be best if they were adopted together.  They are sweet and shy but if you have a bit of cilantro or some other green leafy snack, they warm up pretty quickly.  They are waiting for their perfect match to walk in the door at the Seattle Animal Shelter and take them home.  They're getting their 30 seconds of fame on CityStream tonight so take a look, fall in love, and contact the shelter if you'd like 2 new rabbit friends-for-life!