Patty is one of my dog walking client's dogs and she desperately needs to find a new home!  She would be best in a home with another dog as she suffers from a mild separation anxiety and can be barky when nervous - she has been evicted from the condo building she and her owner live in because of this barkiness.  She LOVES to be around people or other dogs and gets lonely by herself.  Patty is one of my favorite dogs because she is SO HAPPY!  She is an absolute breath of fresh air.  She LOVES going for walks, meeting new people and dogs, and being active.  She is the superstar of the neighborhood due to her positive attitude and insane cuteness.  She's great with kids, cats, older folks ... everybody!  I'm so sad about her situation and her owner is heartbroken over her eviction.  Frankly, I think it's a shame - it's due to a very sensitive and intolerant neighbor - and if there was something the owner could do to keep her, he would.  If you are interested in adopting Patty or know someone who might be, please get in touch with me at or 206-351-5355 and I'll give you her owner's contact info.  If you live in North Seattle and want to adopt Patty, I'll throw in some free dog walks or a free photo shoot!   

FYI, Patty is a Papillon.  She's around 8 years old and was once a show dog.  She is in fabulous health and has the energy of a 2 year old.  She's a little neurotic but she's a sweet as they come and would make anyone who has lots of time for her a first class companion.  She attracts a lot of attention and is a JOY to walk.  She loves belly rubs, will sleep in the bed with you, and is always ready for whatever adventure you have in mind.  If you are in Seattle, it would be SO nice if you considered letting her visit with her current owner every once in a while.  He is so sad about this whole thing and will miss her horribly!