This gorgeous and energetic girl is Gidget.  She has amazing ears and look at those beautiful brown eyes!  Gidget is about 2 years old, a pit bull mix, very gentle and she LOVES to play!  She would be a wonderful companion for someone who has an active lifestyle and would take her running or hiking and include her on all of the family adventures!  I have a feeling Gidget would fit in just about anywhere.  She will be featured on the Seattle Channel's show CityStream this Thursday as the Pet of the Week at the Seattle Animal Shelter.  She is patiently waiting for her new best friend to adopt her and show her a rocking good time.

This was the first time on a Pet of the Week shoot where I was asked to pick my subject from amongst several dogs waiting for homes at the shelter.  Those of you who know me know that I have a special spot in my heart for pit bulls and pit mixes and I would LOVE to help people see them for the loyal, loving friends that they virtually always are.  Pit bull type dogs have a very bad reputation due to people who breed and raise them for fighting and "protection" and to have a "scary" looking dog by their side to intimidate folks.  I wish more people knew what they are really like. The shelters are absolutely bursting with pit bulls who would make fabulous family dogs, who are gentle and sweet and have done nothing wrong in their lives except to be the "wrong" kind of dog.  I hope I get the chance to pick my shoot subjects more often and I can tell you that if it was possible, I would take every one of these play-machine, life of the party, kiss-monsters home with me to be a cherished part of my family.