This lovely lady here is Christine Hibbard of Companion Animal Solutions, a wonderful and talented group of people who specialize in safe and effective behavior modification for your pet.  I can personally vouch for Christine because she helped me a couple of years back with some aggression issues that Rain was having toward other dogs.  She gave me some tools and techniques that haved helped us be a bit more "socially acceptable" and less reactive around strange dogs and people.

I had the pleasure of seeing Christine and a few of her assistants work in the field, as well as take some photos of the process, at a recent outdoor reactive dog training session.  A good time was had by all and it felt more like a Sunday picnic than a training session, but I could see that important work was being done by dogs, owners and trainers alike.  If you're having issues with your dog or you just want to brush up on your basic manners or socialize your puppy, I highly recommend Companion Animal Solutions!