Meet Pluto.  This charmer is patiently waiting for a home at the Seattle Animal Shelter as we speak!  Pluto is the first of a lucky series of potential best friends to be featured on our local CityStream cable show's new 30 second spot, "Pet of the Week" on the Seattle Channel.  Check out CityStream here.  The idea of Pet of the Week is to help an animal who needs a good home get a little publicity and connect with a person who will fall head over heels for them.  I feel really lucky and honored to get to shoot the photos that might help them do that!

So, back to Pluto!  He's a Lab mix - probably has a bit of Great Dane in him.  This sweet dog really needs a secure and loving forever home.  He's about 6 years old and after the first couple of minutes when you first meet him and he's really excited, he calms right down and is happy to hang out with you and chill.  Pluto has wonderful manners and will sit and lay down on command.  He takes treats gently and is more than happy to be petted and loved on.  He's nice to other dogs and would make somebody a perfect best friend.  If you're intrested in meeting Pluto, just contact the Seattle Animal Shelter!