I'm pretty sure that Zip here is my favorite shelter shoot subject to date - look at that face!  I had NO idea that a guinea pig could have such a presence and personality.  And get a load of those little hands.  OMG.  So, Zip and his rabbit buddy Frijole are this week's Pet of the Week on the Seattle Channel's CityStream.  They can be found waiting patiently for a loving home at the Seattle Animal Shelter.  They are buddies and would get along great if adopted together, but I don't think it's super important that they stay together.  Zip is about 3 months old and is a satin guinea pig, which I think is relatively rare.  He has lots of energy and LOVES carrots.  Frijole the rabbit is about 2 years old and is active and fun, also loves carrots and seems to be pretty affectionate once he gets to know you.  Either one of them would make a charismatic and fun little companion.