Say hello to my little friend .... GUS!  Gus is the wee companion of good friends of mine and we joke that he should be wearing a top hat and monocle like Mr. Peanut - maybe a cane too!  Gus's people are going to be living out of the country for a year, maybe more, and unfortunately he can't go with them because their destination might not be safe for him.  He's going to be staying with a well-loved friend, so he'll be in great hands and happy as a clam, but his people are going to miss him SO MUCH.  We did a shoot to make sure they can look at his sweet face while they're apart.  Gus is an active little guy and our shoot was a challenge, but also LOTS of fun. 

I often get questions about how people can get their pet to behave long enough to get photos and I always say DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!  Your dog doesn't have to have a perfect "sit-stay" or have the attention span of a 70 year old to get great photos.  My shoots are meant to be fun and spontaneous.  We're not worried about getting perfect studio-type shots - we want to capture your best friend being exactly who they are.  As long as they're in the same general vicinity as the camera, we'll find a way to get great images for you.  Also, treats help a LOT.