Hi!  This is Eddie!  Eddie lives in West Seattle and LOVES to spend time at Lincoln Park.  Every once in a while in the course of my work, I run into a dog that looks very familiar, like I've seen them around town, and Eddie here is one of those dogs!  My mom is a longtime Corgi owner and fan and as it turns out, while she was visiting me last month we took a walk along the beach and met Eddie and his owner.  Neither one of us can resist a little dog-love, even if the dog in question is a total stranger, and so when we saw Eddie coming down the beach, we asked his owner if we could say hi.  Then last week when I got an email about a shoot with an Eddie who is a Corgi, I thought "I know that dog!".  Seattle really is a small town - you run into the same people over and over!  We had a fantastic shoot at the park this weekend, despite the somewhat gloomy weather.  After a relatively slow summer, then an almost month-long broken-camera situation, it felt great to be back out there shooting and meeting great people and great dogs!  More to come!