Say hello to Johnnie, this week's CityStream Pet of the Week!  Johnnie is 3 years old and a complete sweetheart.  For reasons unknown, he has been adopted twice from the Seattle Animal Shelter and brought back twice.  The 2nd adopters claimed that he was "too loud", though they brought him back inside of 72 hours, so he may just have been expressing his worry at the transition to a new home.  Siamese cats DO tend to be talkative, and Johnnie gave me a couple of meows during our shoot, but I didn't consider them to be particularly loud or annoying in any way.  I think Johnnie would make a fantastic addition to any cat loving home.  He's playful, affectionate, likes to be scratched behind his ears and under his chin, and he is just GORGEOUS to boot!  Stop down at the shelter to see if you can give him a forever home!