I met the nicest little family on Saturday!  Apollo, Athena, Artemis and Persephone decided to do their photo shoot inside because of the POURING rain and we had a fabulous time.  The cats were pretty easy, aside from Artemis being both black and a little bit shy (a challenging combo) but pupster Persephone, while cute as a BUG, was a different story as far as ease was concerned.  People often ask me if their dog has to be well-trained or exuding a zen-like calm for our shoot and my unequivocal answer is NO!  Most people want photos of their pets the way they ARE, not some perfect version of themselves.  Persephone was a serious cutie, and as sweet as they come, but she was also VERY excited about having an interesting stranger in her house and was READY. TO. PLAY. (and has the energy of 10 dogs)!  No worries.  She bounced off the walls for e few minutes, then would sit and smile and look right at me while I held a treat ... SNAP!  Then more bouncing, then another nice sit and stay.  We also got shots of her looking out the window, chewing on a cat toy (yum) and playing tug.  Never worry about having the perfect pet - we will capture the pet that you know and LOVE!