This big beautful lady is Slim.  I have to admit, I was a teensy bit afraid of this one when I first met her, but after a few minutes she started to show her true colors and was quite sweet, if a little reserved.  Slim is about 10 years old and seems to like to company of other cats.  She is a bit overweight, but she shows a lot of interest in playtime, especially if catnip is involved, so I think she could be "slimmed" down a bit.  She is not afraid to let you know that she doesn't want to be picked up, and she's a little opinionated, but she can also be affectionate.  She's got the cutest little "baby meow".  I think that given time in a good, permanent home where she can be comfortable, she will blossom into the total sweetheart that I know she can be.  Stop in at the Seattle Animal Shelter to visit Slim, or see her on this week's CityStream Pet of the Week on the Seattle Channel!