Say hello to Fondue!  Fondue is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and she's an adult, but I'm not sure of her exact age.  I imagine it's probably somewhere between 1 and 4.  I had a funny reaction to this particular dog because she looks a LOT like my girl Rain and it's always choked me up to think of a dog like Rain in a shelter situation.  The Seattle Animal Shelter is a wonderful place - the best I've ever seen, really - but it's still a temporary home with lots of noises and people coming and going and a certain amount of stress for sensitive dogs.  Fondue is doing great but she's a little bit shy and could really benefit from some stability and confidence building activities.  She's extremely sweet and despite only knowing me for a few minutes, was giving me kisses and being a VERY good girl for me.  I couldn't resist giving her kisses back, which she seemed to love.  She's an adorable, muscular and compact dog at what I would guess is about 30 pounds - the perfect size!  The shelter says she's good with other dogs and I can tell you from experience that she's a gentle touch with people.  I fell in love a little with Fondue and I really hope that someone special will open their heart and home for her.  Luckily, she's this week's Pet of the Week on the Seattle Channel's CityStream!