Now, I don't know how many Rottweilers you've had the good fortune to know, but I SWEAR, every single one I've ever met thinks it is a 5 pound lap dog!  This sweet girl is Roxy, this week's Pet of the Week on CityStream.  She's hoping for a loving family to come along to the Seattle Animal Shelter and adopt her and give her unlimited snuggles and "lap time".  She even snuggled with me on a park bench during our photo shoot!  Roxy's about 6 years old and is active, has a nice chill personality and has SO much affection to offer.  She would make a wonderful best friend and companion.  Don't be worried by her eyebrow blemish - it's no biggie and she has no idea it's even there.  Go on down to the shelter and get some Roxy Snuggles™ for yourself!