I can't get over those bottom teeth - they are so hilarious!  This is Happy - he lives in New Mexico with my friend Emily and her family.  I had the good fortune of getting to visit them last weekend and BOY, was it good to see them and also see the SUN for a couple of days!  Happy is an Australian Shepherd mix and he's one of the more expressive dogs I've met.  He uses his whole body to tell you he wants to play, as well as facial expressions and funny little noises.  He's like my Rain in that it takes a few minutes for him to decide you're okay and warm up to you, but once you're "in" you're IN.  It took about 20 minutes for me to go from being a semi-suspicious stranger in the house to being Happy's new girlfriend.  Once we were buddies, it was unbelievably easy to get him to sit for pictures - he seemed to already know what I wanted.  Happy would make a wonderful working dog - he takes his job as family friend and protector very seriously!