Meet Edna & Bunbun ... aren't they sweet?  They're the Pet of the Week on CityStream this week and are waiting for their perfect match at the Seattle Animal Shelter.  Edna is the brown one and Bunbun is white and black.  They're about 4 years old and were surrendered by their owner because of allergy problems.  They are very sweet, a little shy at first but curious, and they will need to be adopted together as they are VERY bonded.  They cuddle and groom each other, explore together and seem to take a lot of comfort in each other's company.  Edna was a little nervous when I first came in and started shooting, so she went and buried her head in Bunbun's fur.  It took just a few minutes for them to warm up to me and start checking me out, despite the constant clicking of my camera.  They'll make lovely friends for some lucky adopter!