This has been one CRAZY week!  I had more Homeward Pet calendar shoots yesterday, which were a BLAST, as well as a session with a familiar face - LUCY the Shar Pei!  I met Lucy almost 2 years ago when her people signed her up for a Puppy Package - a series of 3 shoots over a period of months (or in this case, years!) to document her growth from a little tyke to a grown lady.  It was really neat to get to witness the stages of Lucy's maturation and I'm going to miss getting to see her regularly! 

I'm really enjoying these Homeward Pet shoots - not only are the animals fun (of course) but their people are also very cool!  Anyone who's involved in helping abandoned and orphaned pets find loving homes, whether it be as a pet adopter or as a volunteer or staff member at the shelter, is AWESOME in my book.