Meet Yonder, the 3 legged wonder!  Yonder is about 9 years old and has been missing her front left leg since she was 2 according to the shelter.  Yonder is extremely sweet and loving and she soaks up affection like a sponge.  I had 2 cats to choose from today for the Pet of the Week - both tripods, both really cute, WAY too hard to choose between them - but when I knelt down by Yonder's cage and talked to her, she reached out her paw and started purring very loudly and I fell for her a little bit.  Plus, look at those eyes.  She's gorgeous!  Now, Yonder is a bit overweight and she has a bit of a hard time getting around due to the missing front leg, but she does get around well when she tries and when she gets tired, she just rolls over and asks for petting and looks exactly like a seal pup.  She'll make a wonderful companion to some lucky soul - if you'd like that to be YOU, drop by the Seattle Animal Shelter and meet her!