Meet sweet Toby, this week's CityStream Pet of the Week!  Toby has to be one of the nicest cats I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!  He's 11 years old and just doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  We played and had a great time during his shoot, then afterward he sat in my lap for a while purring and getting loved up.  Toby wuld do great as an only pet, or in a home with a calm and friendly cat or dog.  Appparently he was getting a bit beat up by the other cats in his previous home, so he really deserves some peace and kindness.  He is very affectionate and will let you do just about anything in the name of love - I was touching his paws and belly and taking all kinds of liberties with him today and he ate it up.  Meet this amazing cat for yourself at the Seattle Animal Shelter!