I just realized that I've been forgetting to post blog entries about my "regular", non-shelter shoots lately!  I have no excuse except that between shoots and pet sitting/dog walking duties, I've had quite the crazy schedule this year!  It's good to be so busy, but obviously things slide at the most hectic times.  I'll catch up on a couple and try to keep things updated as I go!

This super cute girl is Tasha.  To me she looks like a husky/border collie/who knows what mix.  She was very shy for the first few minutes of our shoot and I had to sort of hang around with my camera out for a while before pointing it at her and clicking away.  After she realized that we were mostly going to be playing and getting treats, she decided to tolerate me and my clicky thing and turned on the star power!  I was worried at first, but she ended up being (and having) a great time!