This GORGEOUS girl is Shelby, CityStream's Pet of the Week at the Seattle Animal Shelter.  I've probably said this before, but Shelby would likely have come home with me today if I didn't have a girl-dog-intolerant girl dog at home.  She is just the COOLEST.  She's about 7 years old and is as sweet and gentle as they come.  She likes to play, knows several commands, is calm and collected and was putting up with kisses and hugs from me 5 minutes into our shoot.  She would be equally happy taking a hike or run with you, or sitting peacefully at your side in the grass at the park.  She's got fabulous bat ears and wants very much to have a family and a safe, loving home to call her own.  Stop in at the shelter to meet her - I promise you will fall instantly in love like I did!