Okay, I almost got in major trouble today ... and I can't swear that I'm out of the woods yet.  I met this total sweetheart named Parker, who is this week's CityStream Pet of the Week at the Seattle Animal Shelter.  I picked him out for my shoot for completely selfish reasons - I'd seen a video of him on Facebook and just HAD to meet him.  On the video he looked happy and sweet and sociable and his tail wagged the entire time, and he was even better in person!  Cute and playful but not too wild, he gets the wiggles the second he sees you.  He has a nice start on his manners training with a reliable "sit" and "down" and he gives very, very nice kisses!  My husband had to ask me if I was coming home alone after the shoot and I have half a mind to go back and get him right now and let someone else have a chance to be Pet of the Week