Metro Bus Ad shoots for SASF

In a frenzy of recent shoots, plus the launch of The Just Dogs Project, I've been forgetting to post my regular Raindog shoots!  Whooo!  I'm ALWAYS caught unprepared for how busy fall can be.  Next year .... PLANNING.

Two of my more recent shoots were for the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.  One of the bidding items during their wildly successful Raining Cats & Dogs auction event in October (along with a Pearl Jam VIP package and a SPD K9 unit ride-along!) was a Metro bus ad package to be shot by yours truly!  During the month of January, 2 Seattle Metro buses will sport a Seattle Animal Shelter ad featuring images from 2 shoots with the winning bidders' pets.  This year it was two dogs, Daisy, a sweet terrier who is a SAS alumni from about a decade ago, and Ari, another VERY handsome terrier mix.  Both shoots were on an unexpectedly sunny Sunday, and both were an absolute blast.  Many, MANY thanks to the guardians of Daisy and Ari, and to the Seattle Animal Shelter for making Seattle a wonderful place to be a dog!