GQ & Jennifer

Just when I think I know what I'm doing, a shoot comes along that makes me realize I still have a lot to learn about photographing animals.  With cats and dogs, the trick of getting a good shot is knowing which behaviors to look for and capturing them when they happen.  Over the years I've learned to read their body language and intuit when something good is on it's way and to be ready for it.  This holds true for horses (and any other animal), but if you don't know what their body language is telling you, you're starting at square one!  Also with cats and dogs, I know what kind of noises to make to get their attention and what might freak them out.  Not so with horses.  GQ was pretty cooperative and as agreeable as you might hope during our shoot, but I found myself at a loss as how to read him.  It took me a while to know that ears up and forward is a good thing, and that he kept turning away from me because probably my camera clicking was making him nervous.  I tried to concentrate on capturing the relationship between him and my friend Jennifer and ended up happy with the results, but I certainly have a new understanding of the amazing differences between animals.