The hardest thing we ever have to do as pet owners is to make the decision to end our best friend's suffering. It's also the kindest thing we ever do for them. They trust us to make that decision and we have to trust ourselves to know when that time has come. Rusty here was a very special dog. He was the only Shar Pei in the country to be registered as a service dog. His person has health challenges and he has been right by her side for over a decade. He flew hundreds of flights and was with her in every kind of situation. He was selfless and dedicated to her, as she was to him. When he began to have problems with his kidneys, she cared for him and made sure that he was as comfortable as possible and as happy as possible. The day of our shoot was his last full day and I could tell that they were making the best of it. Rusty was on painkillers so he could enjoy his outing - he was happy and was getting special treats and lots of love. I feel so honored to have been asked to share a little bit of this precious time with them and I'll never forget it. Go in peace, Rusty.