Last Sunday I said something very, very bad ... something along the lines of "I'm glad it's raining - now I can get some work done!". I didn't mean it! I KNOW it's perverse to say things like that and I won't do it again until at least October.
As usual, I have lots to catch up on, so here are a few highlights from the last couple of months!

These lovely schnauzery ladies are Katie and Cassie. They were so calm and unfazed by my trailing of them with that strange clicking machine I hold to my face. I followed them on their yard-patrol duties and got a few nice shots during their downtime. Their "eyebrows" kill me!

This is Molly and she is SO HAPPY. She was happy to have her picture taken and happy to accept lots of treats for it and happy to be outside and happy to meet me and happy to just be! Best smile in the world.

Molly's best friend Salvador was happy too, but mostly on the inside. Salvador began life as a puppy-mill dog and had a pretty hard time of it. As I remember, his back has been broken and he has a host of physical difficulties of one sort or another. But he's totally the Man About Ballard - he's slow but he gets around fine and does his thing and seems pretty content. He has a GREAT mom who takes very good care of him.

And here are my friends Lucy and Lacy - back for shoot #2 of their Puppy Package in June. I'm LOVING getting to see them grow up! They're still rambunctious and puppy-like but they're starting to get their adult "look". As you'd probably guess with sisters, they're VERY close - they don't like to be apart even for a little while. Their personalities are very distinct and luckily very complimentary and they get along great most of the time. Next shoot they'll be "big girls" - I can't wait!

And this is sweet Kia. If she had been just a little less shy and I'd had just a little more time, I could have snuck some kisses in on those soft little ears. She's irresistable!

Kia reminded me of a subject I've wanted to address for potential clients but haven't found a good way to include in my FAQ. The death of your best friend. When I was first distributing postcards to advertise my business, a lovely lady pet store owner who shall remain unidentified told me that "People only hire pet photographers when their dog is about to die". She was wrong, of course, but I remember thinking at the time "And this is a bad thing?" My job is to help you document and remember your animal friends, whether it's at the beginning of their lives or the end. I am so honored to get to do this for people when their pet is dying. Sure it's sad, but it's LIFE and I find these shoots to be poignant and sweet and a fitting celebration of a well-lived life.

Kia's owner had just received a diagnosis from the vet that didn't leave Kia with very much time. She wanted to get some photos of Kia before she started to look sick or different and I was more than happy to shift my schedule around so we could do it as soon as possible.
I will gladly do this for anyone, anytime. Just ask.