First off, if you have not taken your canine best friend to Marymoor Park's off-leash area in Redmond or to Double Bluff Beach on Whidbey Island, turn off your computer, grab the Chuck-It and hit the road right now. This is too nice a weekend NOT to be at one of these doggy heavens!

And speaking of doggy heaven, check out this shot of my new friend Sadie in what qualifies as her heaven, the big grassy field at Discovery Park. This is one heck of a place for a shoot! If you're thinking of booking a "full" 2-hour photo shoot and you have an active dog, this is THE place to choose in town! There's some serious acreage in which to get a good run going and a lot of different environments for varied shots. Sadie looks like she was born to run through this golden grass, doesn't she?!

And afterward, since you've worked pretty hard tromping through the park, book yourself a massage here (click to see their site) :

Studio Evolve is located just north of Gasworks Park in Wallingford and to be blunt about it, it'll be GOOD for you. They offer pilates instruction, Yamuna Body Rolling, massage and more. Plus, they have these really cute pet photographs all over their walls right now. Stop in, say "hi" to Pandora (their "official greeter"), and tell them Raindog sent you - you'll feel like a million bucks when you walk out.