Whoa - it's the end of March already! Looks like I have some catching up to do! March was a fantastic month for shoots, aside from the usual copious amounts of precipitation. I had to reschedule a few but that's Seattle springtime for you. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

This is Max. As you can see, he's a youngster and his "mom" signed him up for a Puppy Package which means I'll have the pleasure of 2 more photo shoots with him as he grows and matures. He's a classic English lab with a constantly wagging tail and winning personality.

Oh Kona. What a sweetie. Kona was once one of my regular dog-walking buddies and I've known him since he was about 10 weeks old. He's the reason I chose a Boxer mix for my first dog. They are the most wonderful, gentle, funny, silly, adorable creatures. He has grown up to be a special dog and a great friend.

And here's Crispin, my most recent subject. Crispin has some health problems but that certainly doesn't stop him from being sassy and full of personality. He has a great deep purr and the prettiest blue eyes. Sometimes cats are a challenge to photograph, either because they are shy or twitchy or nervous about the camera and it's attendant clicks and beeps, but Crispin was extremely tolerant. I especially enjoyed my time with him and his owner.

And finally, my own very bad dog. Do you see the look she's giving me?! That looks says, "Yeah, I ate your pillow. SO? You got somethin' to say about it?". At that moment I was wishing there was a way for me to attach all of those feathers to her so she'd have to wear them around for a few days and be made fun of by her doggy friends. What a little booger!