This totally adorable little lady is Penelope and she is what we in the biz refer to as a BALL FREAK. She will do anything to get you to throw that ball one more time and she will go past mere tiredness into exhaustion and beyond for the love of running after it. She'd be a fantastic working dog! And she's just as sweet and lovable as she looks. She's one of those rescue dogs that make you wonder how on earth a person could ever have given her up.

Billie here is also as sweet and lovable as she looks and she's Penelope's buddy. Her favorite activity is to chase the little light from the laser pointer and she does it with almost as much single-minded determination as Penelope does with her ball. She cracked me up during our shoot because she spent probably 60% of her time looking at the ground in anticipation of seeing and chasing that tiny red dot!