Print, negative and slide scanning is done at an hourly rate of $80, charged in 15 minute increments. I offer discounts for bulk scanning jobs. I make sure your print, negative or slide is as clean as it can be before placing it in a flatbed scanner, and I scan your images one at a time so that I can make sure each file is as accurate as possible and at the correct resolution. As I scan, I crop out frame or slide edges and do a quick edit/removal of any major dust spots or scratches.

Approximate scanning times:

Prints 5x7 or smaller: 20 per hour @ 3200ppi, 30 per hour @ 1600ppi

Prints 8x10: 10 per hour @ 3200ppi, 15 per hour @ 1600ppi

35mm film negatives: 24 per hour @ 3200ppi, 36 per hour @ 1600ppi

Slides: 20 per hour @ 3200ppi, 30 per hour @ 1600ppi

Medium format film negatives: 20 per hour @3200ppi, 30 per hour @ 1600ppi

Can be more or less time depending on the condition of the originals.